Hands of Ruin

Hands of Ruin is Colin Z. Robertson’s music project focusing on martial industrial and dark ambient sounds. Heavily inspired by the sounds of Cold Meat Industry bands as well as current acts such as Triarii and Rukkanor, he also receives comparisons to the soundtrack work of Hans Zimmer and Phillip Glass.

Lot in Sodom

Following on from The Fall of the House of Usher, Hands of Ruin returns to the pioneering work of film-makers J. S. Watson and Melville Webber. Lot in Sodom was made in 1933 and tells the biblical story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom in an avant-garde, expressionist style. Hands of Ruin’s modern soundtrack provides an alternative to the Louis Siegel’s original.

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Iudicium Described by Wounds of the Earth as “martial music for ancient legions in the desert”, Iudicium is a single with an accompanying video by Malwina Chabocka.

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Remixing Seventh Harmonic

Caroline Jago is the composer and multi-instrumentalist behind Seventh Harmonic and Shadow Biosphere. We hadn’t met before, but a few weeks ago she sent me a nice message on SoundCloud. She mentioned that she’d be open to collaborations, and since I’ve done a couple of remixes and enjoyed the process I suggested that I might […]

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Martial Industrial Mix III

It’s been a couple of years since my last mix focussing entirely on the martial industrial genre, and since then I’ve discovered some more great musicians, plus there have been new releases from some of my old favourites. So it’s time for another: Tracklist: L’effet c’est moi – Runes of Victory The Protagonist – Spirits […]

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