Jo Quail – Hands of Ruin Remixes

I’ve been a big fan of Jo Quail’s music since I heard her playing live some years ago. Jo uses an electric cello and live looping to build up intricate, spell-binding music. A little while ago I approached her after one of her shows and asked her if she’d be willing to let me remix one of her tracks. I figured she might be a bit wary of letting some random guy have a go at remixing her beautiful music, so I’d prepared a bit of a spiel about what I’d done previously so that I could reassure her that her music would be in safe hands. But before I’d even got started she said, “yeah, go for it!” So that was that.

I’ve remixed two tracks from Caldera, her second album: Laurus and Jhanoem the Witch. I’m honoured that she has allowed me to remix them, and thrilled to see them released today.

The remixes are available now on Bandcamp.


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