Schism – the second album


Schism is available now.

This is my second album. Written over the last five years, it is a more diverse and also a darker album than Empire and Dust. As well as the neo-classical elements that will be familiar from my previous work, there are harsher industrial sounds and dark ambient passages.

This album wasn’t easy to make. The oldest track dates to before the release of Empire and Dust, and the others were created at various points over the last five years. Over that time my techniques have changed a fair amount. And my desire to create something harsher than Empire and Dust led me to experiment with more aggressive electronic sound manipulation. That meant that when it came to putting the tracks together into an album, each track had its own palette of sounds and fitting them together into something cohesive was a challenge.

Difficult as it was, I think the end result is more interesting for being the product of that struggle.

You can get the album on Bandcamp. I’m very grateful for your support.


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