A year of writing for Heathen Harvest

After my “Is all martial industrial the same?” post a couple of years ago, Sage L. Weatherford, editor of Heathen Harvest, reached out to me and asked if I’d like to do some writing for Heathen Harvest. I had some trepidation about this. Writing is not something that comes easily to me. Indeed, I would even describe it as painful. I’m one of those writers for whom every word goes onto the page accompanied by an inwardly-directed curse at how stupid it sounds.

So I said yes.

Over the course of a year I wrote thirteen articles with a schedule of one per month (enforced by Beeminder):

Happily, I got better at getting words out onto the page as a result of all that.

Heathen Harvest is one of the finest publications in its field. I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to it.


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