Martial Industrial Mix III

It’s been a couple of years since my last mix focussing entirely on the martial industrial genre, and since then I’ve discovered some more great musicians, plus there have been new releases from some of my old favourites. So it’s time for another:


  • L’effet c’est moi – Runes of Victory
  • The Protagonist – Spirits of the Dead
  • Rukkanor – The Final Trace
  • In The Nursery – Resonate
  • Parzival – Regnabit
  • Sophia – Downfall
  • In Slaughter Natives – Gaudium et alia vitia
  • Tribes of Medusa – Banishment
  • Arditi – Sturm auf die Zukunft
  • Waffenruhe – Stuka
  • Triarii – Europe in Flames
  • Atomtrakt – Ins Verderben
  • Wappenbund – Licht ist Leben II
  • Ribat – Document #2: Révolte Nationale

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