Music of Catan – Part 1

A playlist put together for games of Settlers of Catan. I’m not terribly good at the game, but my friends say that I have the best music for it. This is part one of two.


  • Jo Quail – The Falconer
  • In the Nursery – The Other Side of Reality
  • Johannes Ockeghem – Missa “Fors seulement”: Credo
  • Arcana – Parisal
  • Dead Can Dance – Chant of the Paladin
  • Wardruna – Sowelu
  • Rukkanor – Tiveris
  • Arcana – Infinity
  • Peter Andersson – Tulpa Part VII – Yang-Tul Unveiled
  • Wardruna – EhwaR
  • Dead Can Dance – The Song of the Sibyl
  • Thomas Tallis – Spem in alium
  • L’effet c’est moi – Ianvs axis mvndi
  • Peter Bjärgö – As We Evaporate
  • Howard Shore – Flight to the Ford
  • In the Nursery – Crepuscule
  • Blood Axis – Wulf and Eadwacer

Update: Part 2 is now available.

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