Martial Industrial Mix II

Martial Industrial II by C.Z. Robertson on Mixcloud

A bunch of CD purchases from Cold Spring have paid off, eventually, in the form of a mix focussing on martial industrial music. I actually put this one together back in September 2013 and had intended to upload it sooner, but life kept intervening. I think it’s a really nice collection of tracks, though, so I’m glad finally to share it.

Most of this music is relatively new – at least from 2010 onwards – but there are a couple of old Cold Meat Industry favourites at the end. I’ve previously reviewed Atomtrakt, Stricta Doctrina, Cold Fusion, and Kazeria. The cover artwork is by Malwina Chabocka.


  • Cold Fusion – Architecture Part I: Firmitas
  • Spreu & Weizen – Marienburg [Imperator version]
  • Hands of Ruin – Empire of Ash
  • Stricta Doctrina – Retour à la tradition
  • Kreuzweg Ost – Geh Mit Gott
  • Rukkanor – Rivers of Light – Sea of Shadows
  • Der Feuerkreiner – Der Morgen
  • Durch Heer und Kraft – Der unbekannte Soldat
  • Kazeria – The Rising of a New Utopia
  • Sect – This Is Not The End
  • Atomtrakt – Festungsschlacht
  • In Slaughter Natives – Blood Testural
  • Sophia – The Seduction of Madness II


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