Mix 2013-03-11 – EBM

I’m off into slightly different territory with this mix. You could even dance to it. Also, there’s a bit of a Daniel Myer obsession here.

2013-03-11 – EBM by C.Z. Robertson on Mixcloud


  • Lassigue Bendthaus – Circulat (Hertz)
  • Clock DVA – Cypher
  • Backlash – Unconsciously Astray
  • Destroid – Silent World
  • Headscan – Hi Motion Model
  • Cleen – Did You Forget? (Special ’99 Blackfloor Edit)
  • Covenant – Edge of Dawn
  • Haujobb – Platform
  • Liquid Divine – Click (Tick Tock Mix)
  • Edge of Dawn – Elegance
  • mind.in.a.box – Cause and Effect
  • Seabound – Scorch the Ground (Rotersand Mix)

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