Empire and Dust – the new album

It’s finally here! Two years in the making, nine tracks of dark, cinematic, martial neo-classical music: The new Hands of Ruin album, Empire and Dust.

Those of you who have been following along on Soundcloud or who have seen the previews on this blog will have heard some of these tracks already, but some of these tracks are being presented publically for the very first time.

I’m making the album available on Bandcamp initially, but I’ve already started the process for getting it onto Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and a number of other places, so expect to see it on those within the next two weeks.

By the way, I promised myself that when this album was released I’d treat myself by buying a copy of Absynth and making some bleepy electronic music for a while. But there are a few interesting tracks that didn’t make it onto this album, so I already have some ideas and material for the next Hands of Ruin release already up my sleeve.

I hope you enjoy the album.

An Unstained Soul

The third and final preview from Empire and Dust before it is released on 28 May:

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Mix 2012-05-05 – Dark ambient II

Another dark ambient mix, beginning with two wonderfully eery tracks by Nagual Art and :Zoviet*France: and eventually ending up in noisier territory with some Dagda Mor.


  • Nagual Art – Seemanslied
  • :zoviet*france: – Ascend a Fall
  • Aghast – Sacrifice
  • Raison d’ĂȘtre – The Slow Ascent
  • Inanna – Body ov Light
  • Last Nights of Paris – 1677
  • Kazuyuki K. Null & James Plotkin – Lost (Held Under)
  • Hands of Ruin – Resting in a Cold Place
  • Dagda Mor – Sturmruf

Incense on the Altar

Here’s another preview from the new album, Incense on the Altar:

The album will be called Empire and Dust and will be released on 28 May. Mailing list subscribers will get free access to an exclusive bonus track.