Mix 2012-04-08 – Neo-Classical II

There was a slight planning fail in putting together this mix: Lisa Gerrard has contributed to three of the nine tracks here. Still, who’s going to complain about listening to a bit of Lisa Gerrard?

This mix also includes a track from the forthcoming Hands of Ruin album, Empire and Dust. I haven’t picked a release date yet, but the music is all written and mastered now.


  • Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Again to Drift
  • Dead Can Dance – Orbis de Ignis
  • Coil – Cardinal Points
  • Hands of Ruin – Neither Predator nor Prey
  • Lisa Gerrard – Nilleshna
  • Shinjuku Thief – The Witch Hunter
  • Arcana – Aeterna Doloris
  • Arvo Pärt – Lamentate IV. Pregando
  • Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy – Sailing to Byzantium


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