John Bergin, C17H19NO3 and From Inside

Many years ago, when Boing Boing was still printed on dead trees rather than being the hyperactive blog that it is now, they printed a review of some releases by C17H19NO3. That review caught my eye and when I found a copy of Terra Damnata in a record store in Berkeley I was thrilled.

That CD was a big influence on my early experiments in electronic music. While it wasn’t my introduction to martial industrial music, it was one of the first albums I owned in that genre. I was amazed by the stirring grandeur of Carrier of Shadows, and the mournful beauty of The Lords of Bone and Machinery. Without that album, I might have been making quite different music today.

Since then, John Bergin, the man behind C17H19NO3, has made a film version of his bleak and visually stunning graphic novel, From Inside. (I still haven’t seen the film. I’m desperately waiting for a London screening or a DVD release.) And he’s put his entire musical archive, including Terra Damnata, up on the web for free. Very highly recommended.


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