Dark-ambient recommendations: Nagual Art and Last Nights of Paris

Here are a couple of dark-ambient releases that I found and enjoyed recently:

  1. Nagual ArtSeance 1931 – Tales from F.

    I love the atmosphere that Nagual Art creates here. The choice of sounds is superb. Scratchy vinyl and echoing clicks and taps give it a vintage feel, while ghostly drones and unsettling melodies on piano, violin and (possibly) harmonium conjure up the haunted atmosphere of a seance. Highly recommended.

  2. Last Nights of Paris2 Durations for Jane Churm

    Inspired by the story of the ghost of a girl who haunted the town of Wem in Shropshire and the photo that supposedly shows her, Last Nights of Paris uses deep, menacing drones with slow, ominous synth melodies to recreate the scenes of two fires.


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