I love Mind.in.a.box. I should probably be a little bit worried that they seem to be writing about my life.

I first discovered Mind.in.a.box when a friend gave me copies of their first two albums, Dreamweb and Lost Alone. They’re not very cheerful albums and that was not a very cheerful point in my life. After a slightly disastrous relationship, You Will See had particular relevance to me:

You will see, I can climb up there.
When you lost faith,
You turned your back.
Destroyed my trust,
There’s no future for you and me.

Since then I’ve been fascinated by self-improvement. I spend a lot of time working to change the ways I think and feel, using all sorts of techniques such as reframing and hypnosis. When I heard Crossroads, their most recent album, it was uncanny hearing a bunch of my biggest obsessions being put into song. Redefined (which builds on Machine Run — one of my favourite tracks from Dreamweb) has the lines:

I have found a new life.
There’s a line in my past,
Cuts it off like a knife.

And from What Used to Be:

You are still holding on to the past,
But you have to look up at the sky.
You know that life is moving too fast,
To have regrets before you die.

At least my name is not (yet) Black.

As a musician, I can’t help but get excited by the amazing production quality of their music. The choice of sounds is always perfect. They put a lot of work into processing the vocals in all sorts of interesting ways. And there’s far too much detail in their music for me to get my head around.

Sadly they don’t play live, choosing to work only in the studio. Perhaps because their music is carefully constructed, piece by piece, and they wouldn’t be able to repeat that process live. I wouldn’t care though. They could just come on stage with a CD player and press play and I’d still be over the moon. Oh well. I can hope.


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